Title says it all. At least, I think its jazz. Anyway, its c4c so leave a link when ur done


Alright I added the let ring to all the bars to make it sound better(as suggested)

Thanks for the crits. keep em coming!
Jazzy stuff.zip
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yer thats definitely jazz mate....
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That was a nice little part, could definitely lead into something very good though. One thing about those sorts of progressions in jazz is that most guitarists will hold at least part of the chord while they're playing into the next chord, and since you didn't reflect that here it seems a little bit choppy. Easily fixed though!

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I really liked it. I put everything on let ring and it sounded much better though. nice chord changes and way to bring something new to these forums!
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Very cool. Really nice to hear different kinds of stuff here once and a while.

Can't think of much to say other than that, although there was one chord change that felt like it was kind of out of place. That was the Emb5 to the A#b5 (At least I think those were the chords you were playing) at the end of bar 4/ beginning of 5. It just sounded strange to me. But I admit I'm not really familiar with jazz type music.

I'd like to hear you make this one longer, with more insturmentation. You've got the base for a really cool song here.
I'm actually a fan of lounge music and jazz etc, and that's a great effort at that style of song. I can't really find anything bad to say about it. Great job mate - 10/10 from me for potential.

Crit my country song plz?