So I have a show today and I've had a sore throat, having been singing even remotely okay for days and I told my band I didn't want to practice yesterday to save my voice in the slightest and they didn't buy it so I'm here this morning waiting to play tonight and I can't even talk.

I'm charging up on tea, downing honey from the bottle straight and about to go get some cough drops.

Is there any magical potion or certain spells I could cast to heal my throat? Any tips or advice would be appreciated I'm kinda panicing.
I had the same thing, WATER WATER WATER, and honey IMHO was a bad thing, any natural sugar or fatening drink, IE Honey or Milk will leave a film in your throat, making it harder to sing, just down water and maybe gargle some TeaTree oil, works for me, google it to see how to make it.
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Go to your local music center and get some vocal ease and remember key/tone is the only essential.