ok so i bought a Peavey VK 212 a couple of weeks ago. i really like what i'm getting from it, but i want more.
I've been researching a couple of new speakers and i like what i hear about Hellaton G12H60s and was thinking of replacing the stock speakers from my VK with them.

Another option that i thought of was to get an attenuator. My VK is 100w (i know thats waaayyyy too much, but the deal on craigslist was way to good to ignore ) and i can hardly put it past 1 or 2 when i practice. today i was alone so i wanted to crank it, but at 3 or 4 i had the walls shaking!!! so i think an attenuator will help me get the cranked tube sound.

So which would a better difference for me? Both would cost me somewhere in the $200 area and thats what i'm going to be saving up for. So which do you think should be more important to save up for, which should i get first?

btw, i just got this amp and i'm not interested in selling it for a new amp or downgrading. i want to know how i can make it better.

I'd say a speaker swap. You can just pull half of the power tubes and halve the wattage, but you can't fix a crappy speaker so easily.
Get the speakers first. They have a more direct impact on the tone.
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Unless you live in someplace like an apartment or a dorm room, then I'd go with a speaker swap first.
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You should get warehouse speakers. Cheaper than Celestions, and are supposedly better. I got the Veteran 30(Vintage 30 clones) and they sound totally awesome