Hello, UG. Recently, my amp (Crate BT100) has developed a problem where it gets incredibly fuzzy and breaks up at random times. I can't figure out what has damaged it. Could accidentally playing my acoustic guitar (which is active) through the passive input possibly have damaged the electronics? Or is it more likely that I just have a bad amp, and it is dying incredibly quickly? I only purchased it a few months ago.

Any suggestions or advice would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
I have the Crate BX100 and it does the same thing. It doesn't take much to get that amp to freak out and shut off because it thinks it's overheating
my bro has a similiar problem with his.
He had to send it back.
His wasn't fuzzy tho...it just stopped giving output.
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Have you checked your cable(s)? That could be it.
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my crate Bt100 did that too, apparently it blew the speaker, I was using an active bass but with the 10db pad on it. I think they just aren't great amps.
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