I play a Schecter Classic and its so so trebly and I think its partially due to my strings. I am using DR's right now. What do you recommend?
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Why don't you try heavier gauge strings?
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well what do you play? maybe its just the gauge, get a thicker set.
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what kibd of DR's are they? cause i use DR pure blues and they arent trebly at all. They have a really warm smooth sound to them and they feal real nice too
they are 9 gauge
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I play a lot of metalcore stuff in Drop C. Also I think my guitars action is a little off. The action is really low towards the nut and as you go up the fret board it gets a lot higher. I can tell playing it is harder than say my friends PRS thats actions the same all over. I want that but I can't seem to get it. And yes I have done everything you could possibly think of to fix that except for adjusting the truss rod which I am reluctant to do.

What about these strings?

Would I need to adjust my rod? My strings now are 10 guage and I think they are called Hi-Beams. And would it be better to get like 12 guage all over or get the Skinny Top Heavy Bottoms?
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Well, I think Hi-Beams were meant to be bright, so maybe you should try the Tite-Fits before moving on to EB's...
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It's nothing to do with the strings - either change your EQ'ing, adjust the pickup heights, use a different pickup selection or play further away from the bridge.
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