So I've got a Vox AD30VT and there are two digital channels in the amp that can be switched using a foot-switch. (There's a specific one you can buy for the amp)...

anyways... Recently (Don't ask me why I did this) I plugged my Crybaby Wah into the "Foot Switch" input on the amp, and didn't plug an instrument into the pedal...

So it went like this.

[GUITAR] ---------- [AMP] ---------- [Wah Pedal]

Anyways, I discovered that clicking the wah pedal on/off switches the channel...

Is this ok to use? It sure is handy while jamming!
Hey nice tip, didn't think of that, plus I have 2 wah pedals....not sure any problems should occur, you're just switching a circuit, so any 'switch' should work.
Out of interest, did you plug the lead into the guitar or amp plug on the wah?
EDIT: From your post it sounds like you used the amp plug, although I guess it doesn't make that much difference considering what I just said above....it's late.
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I happen to have both a AD30VT a CFH. Are you using the in or out to connect it to the amp?
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