Well, I'm planning on making my very first guitar, an old Johnson strat style, into a slide guitar. However, the pickups are very weak, so they'll need replaced. So, what kind of pick ups do you guys recommend for a skynyrd slide tone?
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They probably need adjusted seeing as it was my very first guitar. I got it in 98. It was about 100 dollars for the guitar, case, and amp. So I want to upgrade to a better pickup... Which gives a better slide tone, a humbucker or single coil? My guitar came stock with a single coil, but if a humbucker sounds better then I'd have no problem making room for a humbucker...
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Right. Well, like I'm saying, try raising the pickup height first, see what that does for you.

What kind of amp are you using?

EDIT for your EDIT: Depends. Derek Trucks does a great slide tone on his humbuckers. When I saw ZZ Top live, Gibbons used this great Goldtop P-90 (A type of single coil.) Les Paul for his slide work, and it sounded AWESOME. Your guitar would need to be routed fora humbucker though. Check under your pickguard.
I guess i'll stick with a single coil. I have a Fender G-dec, it's not the best as far as sound goes, but it's a good practice amp.