Not exactly your conventional blues trio... But awesome nonetheless.

I just picked up the new album Superhero Brother today. I've only listened to the first few tracks so far... The harp on City Livin' is pretty good.

It's their 10th album so they've been around the block. My favorites are probably Lemonade, Yeah It's That Easy, and The Hustle. Lemonade is a perennial player in my car.

Anybody else love G?
It's Only Rock and Roll, But I like It
I like G Love a lot. I haven't heard a lot of stuff but one of my indie-rock friends told me about him so I assumed he be just some dumb alterna-folk dude who play harmonica just to fill space where he has nothing written (a la Bob Dylan ) but he can really blow a harp. Been meaning to get some of his stuff for a while. Also his signature guitar is way awesome.
G Love is awesome. I can't wait until i can see him live. G Love and Special Sauce is amazing I love how they can get a groove and keep it going. The stuff he has done with Slightly Stoopid is awesome as well.
I've heard Beautiful and a few others. I really liked Beautiful (is it the same Tim Wheeler from Ash on that track?) and want to know which songs/ albums I should check out.
Definitely check out Lemonade. Great album. I actually got the chance to see him at the Basilica Block Party (Minnesota thing). Great live. He's an awesome player.

Fav Track - Can't Go Back to Jersey
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The Hustle is another great album. You might also check out his first self titled album.
It's Only Rock and Roll, But I like It