I just recently picked up my new RR5FR today and when I got home I noticed that it has 1 master volume and 2 tone pots (one for each pickup). On Jackson's website it says that it should have 2 volume pots and 1 master tone, but mine is the opposite. I thought that it might have been a mistake at first but they work perfectly and Jackson has been known to get the specs wrong on their website. So can anyone tell me if it's just my guitar or if it's just an error on Jackson's part. Thanks.

EDIT: I noticed that the RR1 has 1 master volume and 2 tone pots. I believe this is just a website error for the RR5FR, but can anyone still clarify for me?
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I've seen them make mistakes on their specs. before.

For instance, for the JS1, the specs. say it has a 24 frets, when it has 22.

So if it doesn't sound like a volume knob then it's probably not, lol.
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try and get them to pay for the change.
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I probably will end up doing that, but I'd still like to know if it was wired wrong or if it was wired right and Jackson just screwed up on their website.