http://img95.imageshack.us/img95/4382/songmq0.jpg (Sheet music)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRZumd8uFZI (Video of song)

Hello. I'm trying to figure out how to translate a song into GuitarPro and I had a few questions about it; (WARNING" Big music newbie here, so sorry if these questions give you a headache lol also, I know UG has tabs of this song but I was going to use my book to write it myself)

First off this is from a song book I have that shows vocal, guitar, and piano (I don't know which is which, part of my problem)

1) I think the first bar at the top is guitar. What is the one below it that is connected by a {?
2) The part with the lyrics is just vocals, right? How about the two under it that are connect with the {?
3) Would a second guitar only play chords?
4) Any other pointers that you can think of would be much appreciated!
1) I believe that the first staff is for the vocals, usually all they ever have for guitar are the chord boxes above the staff.
2) The two under it are for the piano essentially left hand (bass clef) and right hand (treble clef)
3) Since all they give you period are the chord boxes for the guitar, you could have the second guitar strum the chords, and translate the piano part over to the guitar.

Hope this helps you out.
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Ah, that's what I was afraid of... they had a guitar only version of this book but I thought "Hey, more songs, more instruments!" So if I were to translate the piano part I should just do treble and ignore clef, right?
Depending on how far apart the notes from each clef end up being from each other you could tab them as one. A good example of this would be to have a look at the power tab intro for Opeth's A Fair Judgement.

Because the notes are accessible vertically and horizontally on a guitar, we can have the potential for a much greater range.
Satan. Grant this man the gift of revenge against his foes at the Food Network.