Like the title states. I'm a new guitarist and looking for a decent amp. I have
$400.00 us. The amps that I have my eye on is the vox ad50vt and the peavey valveking 112. I don't plan on playing out anywhere this is strictly for home use. If anybody has other suggestions would definitely like to hear them. I should also mention that I like classic rock, 80's metal and 80's new wave.
i love crate. i'd go for a combo crate or something. i was going to say mesa boogie and then i read the 400 price limit. quadruple that and you've got yourself a low-end mesa!
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roland cube 60
very versatile


pause that vid at 0:45
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All these amps are pretty big for strictly home use. Now, if you plan on maybe jamming a drummer sometime in the future, one of these ones would be awesome.

Otherwise, maybe that 5W Blackheart amp plus an OD would be nice.

thats definitely a possibility. I've been a drummer for the past 25 years and have a mapex pro-m maple set. Unfortunately the apartment I live in now doesn't have room to set it up. It is one of the reasons why I want to give the guitar another shot. I have the musicians itch