I play a lot of metal and hard rock music, and I love the really punchy bass sound that I hear quite often (Obscure example, but think of the palm muting riff from "Judith" by A Perfect Circle), mainly with palm-muting. But does that really punchy bass sound come from the speakers or the amp's tone? I ask this because I saw a demo for a Bugera 333XL, and the half stack demo sounded very punchy on the bass side, while the combo demo didn't seem to have it (the player was not a modern player though, so he may have just not had the settings correct for it). Anyway, I would appreciate your help.
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You can't ever go by those demonstrations. Alot of the time it is someone who has no business playing that amp in the first place. I have seen many metal amps demonstrated by classic rock/blues players and sound like absolute crap.

Both would be a factor, you are not going to get as much punch out of a Marshall jcm600 as a Peavey XXX( I have played both through the same speakers), but different speakers will make it punchier. It is safe to assume you should probably switch the bugera stock speakers anyway
It's more in the amp then the speakers, but the speakers will still make some difference.
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Is the Bugera 333XL 212 considered to have punchy bass?
-Paul Reed Smith SE Custom
-Bugera 333XL 212