heh i was just wondering what the general concensus is on the

15 watt valvetronic and i think there is a 10 but i am not sure if it part of the classic series or what ever

what genre's or cover everything?

i think i want to buy 1 but a smaller one and last is the foot pedal worth it?
I have an AD30VT and an AD50VT. I like both. The foot pedal costs about $30. I find it useful. I mostly just use it to turn on or off the reverb though (I have effects pedals that handle the other effects duties the valvetronix does).
I pretty much keep mine set on the AC30TB model.
I personally don't like them at all. They're just imitations of the good Vox's and boutique amps and that kind of stuff.

Try one out for yourself and see what you think.
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^well yah there obviosesly cheap imitations, its not ganna do mesa boogie DR, or a JTM45, but the channels sound good as far as SS goes.
if you can tough find a used crate V15 it would definately be way bettor and they go for the same price.
Like my AD15VT a lot. For a beginner like me, I love having a bunch of different models. Makes me want to play different types of music compared to what I only thought I'd want to play. Sounds great.