Hi folks, I'm pretty new here, but I was hoping someone could help me out!

I really want a Gibson "The Paul" Firebrand, I love the shape, weight, feel of the body and most importantly the position of the pick up selector. I love SG's (I've got 2) but also love les paul's, but the only time I played one live, I managed to drive the pick up selector knob into my thumb, bled all over the guitar and needed a few stitches! When I'm sat in the house I'm fine with them, put me on stage and its a problem! The Paul seems to be my logical solution.

I've seen them floating around on various websites for sale in near perfect condition (or as good as can be expected for a 30 year old guitar) for a £400/$700ish and that is a pretty dam amazing price, but the problem is, I don't care about the pick ups, metal work or the finish!

So rather than buy a classic guitar in near perfect condition and then ruin it, I was wondering if there was somewhere that sold damaged guitars? In an ideal world I would love to find somewhere that had a body that was scratched, but could easily be re finished, with the electrics destroyed or long gone.

Or is there something similar to this animal?

Basically my wish list is:

Mahogany Body
Space for 2 Hum-buckers
2 Volume and 2 Tone selectors
Pick up selector below/behind the bridge

Is there any other solution to this that anyone can recommend? A body that I haven't thought of, a brand of guitar I'm not familiar with etc.

I've got about £1000/$2000 to play with, I'd like to keep it inside that figure.
with your budget you could easily go buy the wood you want and some plans of the "the paul" shape and make a copy of it yourself, then just whack a neck on it and away you go
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I hadnt even considered that, but I'm not the most technically minded person with anything! So i would be rather scared going from that POV