Well, I thought I had decided on the Super Reverb for a good American-voiced amp, but I managed to find a bit about the Red-Knob Twin. 100 watts-25 watts like that, it seems perfect for some nice loud cleans, but'll be able to get quiet enough for some break-up for blues and such. Tried the Deluxe Reverb, tried the Super, yet to try the Twin, Evil or non. How does it sound compared to the Deluxe and Super Reverb? Still good for Santana, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and other blues-y artists and such?
i played one very briefly, and all i can describe the sound as is very "big", not that that will help you much tho...

edit: I guess its the larger cab size and the two 12's that just give it a bit more of a larger tone to it. the other thing is it will need much more volume if you want to get the power tubes to distort, even on a 25 watt mode.
^ I see. I'm still considering getting the Super Reverb and maybe replacing the speakers so they'll break up easier and micing it when I need the super-loud cleans.

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well ive played the super 60.
its got red knobs on it i think there from the same era.
just a completely horrible amp that shouldnt even have the fender name on it if you ask me, just ****.
the clean channel dosent brake, you could bust that sucker all the was to 10 and nothing will happen and its pretty eh on the clean.
If i tought the clean was bad then the dirty was just even worse, the cleans on the dirty are more fender than the cleans on the clean channel, when the gain know hitt 3.5 trough 5 max its alright for blues and rock, but id rather play on SS amps if you ask me.
After you pass 5 on the gain its just ****, pure ****, you cant even use the damn thing its so horrible, the frequencies are to high. and the reverb disapointing, its the real shame of the amp cause your expect a fender to at least have descent reverb, at first im like wheres the reverb but you gatta turn it all the way up to get something out of it very very disapointing.
its just a real crap box Fender amp from the 80's, its not even a fender amp.
if the red knob twin is like anything like its smaller brother of the same era do yourself a favor and dont buy the thing. just dont.
I guese the Super 60 was to replace the Super Reverb and the Twin red knob was to replace the Original twin, since they went out of production in the 80's but if you ask me the Red knobs are a far cry from any fender you and me know.
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Seeing as how I'm already asking questions, just wondering if anyone had any experience with the Fender Custom Vibrolux Reverb? I tried one out the other way, but didn't manage to get it past 2, so I wasn't sure. How much headroom does the Vibrolux have (When does it start breaking up)?
I have that amp. It's not really the greatest breakup amp.. Even on 25 watt setting s VERY hard to get break up at low volumes. MInd you the clean tone on it is huge! And with a little compression is fantastic at country licks. It has a nice Jazzish sound too. I love playing blues on it but then again, i love playing blues on my acoustic..
The red knob Fenders are love 'em or hate 'em amps. You really need to try them out for yourself. The cleans are endless (like the CBS silverfaces), while the gain was supposed to be more aggressive. I thought the Rivera designed "II" series did a very good job of this, while the red knobs pale in comparison. But again, you may think they're great. Some folks do.

In other news, the Vibrolux is all about the breakup. It's separate from the Reverb series for a reason. It's sound quality is different. Again, it's an amp you need to play with more. It's not for you if you're looking primarily for Fender cleans.
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Jonny Greenwood uses one for his Distortion sounds. Think of it as a twin's clean channel (but doesn't break up because it's a SS amp. And the Distortion channel is more of a hard rock sound than normal Fenders.
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Jonny Greenwood uses one for his Distortion sounds. Think of it as a twin's clean channel (but doesn't break up because it's a SS amp. And the Distortion channel is more of a hard rock sound than normal Fenders.

Eh? Johnny Greenwood uses a Fender 85 for his distorted tones, not a twin (twins need pushing like hell to make them break up). The Fender 85 has a really fuzzy distorted channel which is what Johnny uses for his 'noisier' tones.