I finally finished my first attempt at puppets. I've still got a few things to master down but i figured id let you guys hear the rough copy.

let me know what you think.
Master of Puppets
it's rising from the grave...
I thought i was a really good cover. you apparently put alot of time into it. I want to hear some of your originals.
really good playing but sound wise the distortion needs to be tightened up a bit. I don't really know how but I find it fuzzy. Overall good cover, well done
Too much equipment to write down...
Man... Insane work, and I actually like the distortion, similar to original one. Really great job.
Br00tal! Good job! The first solo part was awesome, I liked your tone. As mentioned I think the distortion was a little too fuzzy in a way... Second solo still needs practice, but just some details of it: Better harmonics, work on your pull offs (at 6:00. I think it's supposed to be picked, but I might be wrong.) and of course, more whammy bar wanking at the end!!
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Great cover man. Don't like the tone though but still ok because it's not crappy. Awesome playing and great recording.

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