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Hey guys. My playlist has been saturated with metalcore bands lately, I've also been interested in a lot of mathcore bands. I especially like the sweeping progressions of bands like Protest the Hero, and I feel that's somewhat reflected in my own sweeping riff (but at a slower pace) in the track "Epiphany" in my profile at http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/silvadolla/ . Please tell me what you think, I understand the volume needs to be adjusted (I'll try fixing the master track as soon as I can). But this is the product I have so far. I finally pieced together this song a few hours ago, I will return any critique to the best of my abilities. Thanks guys,

cheers for the crit dude. Listening...
Pritty nice. the chorrd progression is cool. I like the sweaping as well, shounds kinda muse-ish to me.
Im not sure abut the intro, it dosent sound as polished as the rest of the song.
The outro is very nice.

All in all nice job, keep it up
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nice job sounds like a good song, although i dont think the recording does it the justice it deserves. and like nezv6 said i dont know about the intro it doesnt sound as polished or consonant as the rest of the song. But other than the recording quality its a good song nice job!

thanks again for critting my vid!
Interesting tune, IMO.
I agree with the comment about it having a bit of a Muse vibe to it. Just as a general rule, even though I'm a shred-fan, I don't really care for the whole extended arpeggio sequence that follows a chord progression straight through. It's totally a personal pref thing....but just so much of it being done these days & I just don't get into it. I tend to prefer things that kinda wander through/around the chords, rather than strictly outlining them...but anyway...enough griping, eh? LOL

I liked the chord progression once it all kicks in, the intro was cool too....just wasn't crazy about the tone. I think that the whole arpeggio section could work fine, maybe with a 2nd guitar & bass line to add some depth to it. I just feels a bit empty with only guitar & drums right now. I for one, do not think that the arps need to be faster or anything....that just wouldn't really fit the tune...Just needs a counterpoint to it, to make it a little more interesting.
Also maybe a little more mids on the guitar & cut the lows just a hair, as it comes across overly bassy in this mix. Otherwise, yeah....the ideas are plenty good sounding, IMO. Glad to have gotten the chance to hear it man!

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