I got a strat, probably gonna change the pickups. What's the best metal distortion pedal under $150? I don't wanna know if it's a bad idea or not, please just let me now what a good pedal is. I'm getting a tube amp soon and this is just preparation for it.
metal muff
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metal muff
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If you bump your budget to $180-90, you can get the Guyatone Metal Monster - a sick tube distortion pedal, sounds alot better then the Metal Muff to my ears..

the metal muff was the suggestion because his buget is only 150
Epiphone G-400!!!!!!!!

Washburn Bass!!!

Cordovox tube amp

Crate bass amp!!!

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metal muff. end of story
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AMT DT-2. $145.

Here's a link to some clips.

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Ugh, Metal Muff. Seemingly the universal "metal" pedal suggestion.

Find a used Damage Control "Solid Metal" off of eBay.

Check out the Line 6 "Uber Metal" for cheap

And such and such.
All these suggestions are kind of pointless.

TS, I don't really care what you want to hear - if you buy the right amp you won't need ANY distortion pedals, and that $150 could be the difference between the right amp and the wrong amp.
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