A video of the song done live acoustic.

I've been cracking my head trying to figure out the chords for the singer's guitar part ,but I'm stuck. With a capo at the third fret, it starts on Am then the bass note for the second chord is G (I think). Could anyone please help? I'd really appretiate any help.
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yeah i looked at that... it's a bit off. on the vid it looks like he has the capo on the third fret and is playing mostly open chords. the other chord tab isn't better. i just wish i was better at figuring chords out.

and i much prefer open chords. to me they sound better and are a bit easier to play, especially while singing.
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i think you misunderstood me. i'm fully capeable and have put those chords into a version where there is a capo on the third fret. i just think it sounded off. and btw there was a capo on the first fret on that tab. but thanks for the effort. i was just asking someone with a better knowlege of chords to watch that vid and see if they could tell me the chords.
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