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I just accidentally swallowed my guitar pick. I'm betting this this will either tear my insides up, do nothing, or possibly......make me the greatest guitar player ever !!!

How did you manage that?
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Polo shirt?


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X-ray or it didn't happen.
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Were you doing some mad solo tapping and got so excited you decided to eat your pick?
That made me laugh out loud.

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I feel this will lead to picks being shoved up someones ass,
and end with a trip to the proctologist.

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Oh man good luck poopin' it out.
Go see a doctor.
Eat prunes...lots and lots of fibre lol.
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I have an ass of steel, I'm not worried about the pooping part.

Well I always put the tip of my pick in my mouth instead of putting it down or else I'll lose it and I had to sneeze and when I exhaled I sucked it down my throat.

And sorry sir, but I do not own an x-ray machine in which to take x-rays.
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X-ray or it didn't happen.

beat me to it
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So I just woke up sitting in my desk chair, with my bong on the desk in a bunch of little pieces and my hand super glued to my penis. Speculations as to what the hell just happened and how to unglue my hand from my member would be appreciated.
dude I feel for u pooping that out but also
*insert bandable fruit here*
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Put scotch tape on your penis and icy hot on your balls

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What the hell does that have to do with freeing whales from pirates?
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You know, I was just considering doing just that?

Replying with fap, I mean.
No clue what it was, it was given to me, already worn out. It was medium though.
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When you poop it out, use it again!

cus itll be a part of you!!

if the devil pooped out a pick, would that be the pick of destiny 2?
dont take any guff from these bastards man

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Heard this story before.

+1 There was a massive thread on this
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I've swallowed two before, on different occasions. Nothing happened either time. They both came out peacefully.

2 of them?? They both came out peacefully, lol.. I hope you left them for a proper burial within the confines of the porcelain bowl and didn't fish them out of the "wreckage" like 2 survivors in a lifeboat.

I believe someone said this, but isn't stomach acid strong enough to eat away the pick? I personally wouldn't bank on seeing it ever again.
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Swallow a guitar and some recording equipment and see what music you can poop out.

I do the same thing, I keep picks in my mouth when I finger pick.......

That sounds like it's gonna be a monster of a poop......
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Swallow a guitar and some recording equipment and see what music you can poop out.

I think it'll get disolved too.

and so-o-o-o-orry if theres another thread like this. I didn't think that there would have been another person stupid enough to do this. lol.
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TS is probably trying to make a similar thread in hopes it'll get big.

We'll every post we add is doing him a favor
A bit of prune juice and hnngghh will do the trick.
I didn't mean to copy anyone else, I just swallowed my pick and thought I'd share it with UG and see if anyone had any stories like this to tell but I guess not.
theres been a thread on this before. nothing happens. you just **** it out..just hope u dont have skinny poop when the time comes....
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