I drank a lot tonight, I didn't puke, but I was more drunk than ever. What do I do right now so I don't have a hangover tomorrow, I just drank a bottle of water, will probably drink another cause my mouth is dry and ****

You probably won't be able to avoid a hangover, but try eating some bread and drinking a lot of water. Or you could go out to a grocery store and get one of those pills that's supposed to prevent hangovers
I mean yes, I will feel ****ty, but I know there are ways to feel a little less ****ty
Alka-Seltzer, listen to chillout music, then in the morning watch Spike TV.
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Time. Eat something oily. Go to mcdonalds and get a large double quarter pounder meal. That'll make you feel better.

N.B: You won't necessarily feel good or great, just better.
Pound water man, pee alot. When you get up, have a couple tylenol or, if available, smoke some weed.
Drink more alcohol when you wake up.
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All I have to say to your situation is....Happy ****in' 4th of July man

hahaha, hell yeah

well thanks everyone, I guess I'll just drink some of this water, eat this bagel, and swallow a multi vitamin
I learned the hard way.... hopefully no one in the pit remembers that thread.... uhg..... anyway
Take a potato and nuke it in the microwave for about 5 minutes and then eat it, if you don't have a potato, eat bread or crackers and tomorrow mourning, drink a lot of Gatorade.
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no potato, but I'll go to work 15 minutes early for some gatorade

would juicy juice help?

oh and I'm Wide Awake, It's morning seems to be making me happy right now. for anyone else who gets home after a long night, that album is the best cure
Go grab a searchbar, it does wonders

but fo realz drink some water and tough it out tomorrow.
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1 PM, not too early, but I usually wake up at 12-1, so I'm not exactly sleeping in
Drink gatorade, eat lots of bread

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When you wake up, drink as much milk as fast as you possibly can.

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When you wake up, drink as much milk as fast as you possibly can.
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Smear bananas in your hair and yell loudly
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