Ookay, so after I finally get my new guitar (yes I know that I should try to get a better amp first)

unfortunately money IS an issue, Ill have to save up to get alot of the stuff (especially the amp)

Im planning on getting a new amp, pedals, straps, stands, everything

I dont really know what to look for though. My new guitar will hopefully be an ibanez iceman IC-350 or IC-400 so that can give you an idea of what it will sound like.

I play metal, hardcore, metalcore, rock, lots of SOAD, stuff like that. If I like the song ill learn it no matter what the genre so I need versatility.

I need a new

Ampmoney IS an issue so I cant really get a really expensive amp)

PedalsI have a crybaby, and an ARC effects processor (has everything pretty much except distortion/overdrive)

Standsneed a new stand, ill have 2 electrics, maybe 3, and an accoustic, I dont know of any good stands)

and whatever else you guys think I might need.

Thanks in advance!

If money is an issue, don't waste it on straps and stands. Use an old strap, and use the case to store your guitars.
Besides that, we really can't help without a more specific budget.