I'll start out by saying, this should probably be in the relationship thread...but I have a specific question about a unique situation and it' 1 am...so u forum nazis can shove it!

Okay...Me and this girl are very close. We talk or see each other nearly everyday. We both like each other a lot...

This girl likes to be a tease, hard to get etc...

I leave for a 4 week camp where I won't see her at all for a month.

I was thinking...maybe I shouldn't call her, and play a little hard to get of my own.

My concern is, where is the fine line between driving her crazy, and hurting her feelings?

How can I make her miss me, thus increasing her attraction to me, without being a complete douche.

I was thinking...maybe instead of calling her, I'll send her letters instead...that would perhaps be romantic?

I'm inexperienced in the girl game...so please help me out!!!
...Just call her?

Seriously, I may not actually know, but I can assume if you call somebody and tell them you miss them....they might get the idea.
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Bad idea I've tried that before.

Just ask her out or ask her to stop playing hard to get.

If you both play hard to get then where will you get?
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Take her to camp too?
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Call her and say "Hey, did you hear that?"

and she'll say "hear what?"

and then you hang up.

anywho, I agree with that one guy, if you both play hard to get you won't get anywhere.
if you want to play hard to get, just tell her you are confused about your sexuality. if she really wants you, she will try to get you. if she dosent, she will leave you alone.

ps. if you r not gay or bi, do not take this strategy to far, or you will hurt her feeling. lol but seriously.
Cut off your pinky finger and send it to her in the mail. That way she will know you're committed. Chicks dig that.
Ask her out on a date before you leave .. u might geta going away gift , and if all's well , call her every now and then , every week or week and a half would be good , if she asks to call her more often do so. Then if things turn out even better you might geta welcoming gift when you come back.

EDIT : IF you don't want it to be to much of a date just ask her if she wants to hang out