Hi all here. . . I've been looking for a new guitar and I discovered this brand called Brian Moore. Unfortunately, I don't know much about it. . . The specs seem decent and the cosmetic factors of the guitar look good. . . I'm currently looking to buy the Brian Moore i2, which can be found here Brian Moore i2. However, I do have another problem. . . I live in Singapore and it's very difficult to get access to Brian Moore guitars. There's only one shop that sells it and for some strange reason, they don't take orders for guitars. And they only have one i2 left, which isn't in the colour I want and has probably been sitting on the rack for ages. . . If anyone here has any info about any online stores that ships internationally, I'd be grateful to know of them. . . And if anyone has any experience with Brian Moore guitars, I'd love to here some of your opinions. Thanks
i used one in a local store for a few hours to mess around with and did not find one thing wrong with it.And im very picky about guitars, I don't remember what model it was but it was a Brian Moore guitar.
I own a Brian Moore, and I'm happy with everything but a couple small stuff. If you check out my latest posts, you'll see what i mean. Hope this helps
I have a Brian Moore i8. I paid 350 for it with a hsc. Its a sweet guitar. The seymour duncans own. They are very high quality guitars, but the only thing is that they are quite unpopular. Unpopular=worth less. I'd recommend picking up a used one like I did and you'll save a lot of money and get a great quality guitar. The i2 is quite nice. Competes well with Gibson.