I'm looking for a quiet tube practise amp that can be maxed-out and cranked for full proper overdrive.

My problem is, I live in a quiet little street with lots of old people who will complain if I even sneeze, and I live with two people who work from home and it's not fair of me to deafen them either. Right now I'm using just a little 5w Fender amp and even that is too loud at less than 1/4 volume (which of course isn't cranked at all). The room I use for practise is also quite small anyway, so even if I could turn this current amp up, it would just become a mess of deafening feedback.

Does anybody know of such tube amps that have good tone and can be cranked, but without deafening everyone? Keeping in mind that even a Fender 5w at 1/3 volume is too loud.
Or, is there a way of having a regular amp cranked, but without the actual physical level of volume? I know some hybrid and solid state amps have features like this - is there any such thing for tube amps?

And yes, I have already tried various pedals and such. Nothing is quite the same.
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