Verse 1

I'm here out all alone, wishing your voice could guide me home,

These people and their faces , praying to god they'll make it

Lay me to rest my dear, I'm breathing my last breath I fear

unless I can make it back to you


Woh, Woh oh oh (Hold on, Hold on) x2

All I have so far, thanks for any critiques
Chris Redfield Of The Resident Evil Club
I don't really have much to say, other than, be more creative and come up with a chorus that isn't "Woh woh oh oh" and do you mean "whoa"?

Also, I don't like the parenthetical part of the title. Isn't necessary? Reminds me of that dumb read hot chili pepper song Snow, I think it's called.

The verse was alright. But there isn't much else to say.