Just picked up a used Peavey 115 combo amp, that weighs a ton. I'm new to the music scene, and would like to know what all the stuff on the amp does. It has a 9 band EQ( i do know how to use it). What does the high and low gain do , the compressor/limiter. I've looked online and can't find much info on it. It also says its BW equipped, on the front. It's a beast and it roars. Thanks for any help.
Well the 9 band EQ shapes your tone. From left to right, you can set the bass to treble frequencies.
High and low gain inputs? Basically that. The high gain will be louder and slightly more overdriven, while the low gain will start out quieter and smoother.
The limiter sort of compresses your signal so there are no crazy high notes, the dynamics of your playing are smoothed out.
I don't know what BW is, sounds like a buzzword.

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