So errrrbody, what are your favourite radio stations from your area (or anywhere in the world I guess) and por que?

1. 92.1 CITI FM - Winnipeg's Classic Rock. Pretty self-explanatory there. Also, some of the best hosts EVER... EVER! (2 welding points for any Winnipegger that gets that)

2. 91.1 - I have no idea what this station is. During the week it plays sweet french music, then on Saturday it plays techno non-stop at night (my favourite). Then on Sundays it plays music from various movies/shows (last Sunday they played the soundtrack to Star Trek)

What about you? WELL?
I don't really listen, but there's a good classic rock station called 95.5 The Fox.

They play too many big hits, but, that is to be expected with radio stations...
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But in all seriousness, i dont listen to radio much but i had a zune w/ radio and there was a great classic rock station in my old town.
98.7 the gator classic rock for all south florida,,,,or back in the day we had 91.7 planet radio that played decent newer stuff and didn't repeat the same 5 songs over and over
106.7 but only after midnight when they play real metal. All day its slipknot, metallica, and mainstream **** but for a few hours a night I get Amon Amarth, Behemoth, Dissection, Kataklysm etc.
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93 rock in south fl n yea diffrent stations in difrrent places i think this isnt productive
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I only listen to that...

Also since AM and FM radio stations are different everywhere, what's the point in this?

Oh sweet, that's an awesome website.

I just want to know what sorts of radio stations are out there :P
But really there is no point... nope..
105.5 Triple J or 3DRadio
when i do actullay listen to the radio.. usually when im driving.
the stations i listen to dnt play all the mainstream..
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Oh sweet, that's an awesome website.

I just want to know what sorts of radio stations are out there :P
But really there is no point... nope..

If I listen to AM or FM radio (extremely rarely), I'll either listen to:

The Bear - Classic rock and modern rock
K-Rock - Classic Rock
SONIC - modern rock
CJSR - Like everything...

But I really can't stand listening to AM or FM radio usually..... Happy?
Am 640 Kfi!
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