I have an Ibanez rg 1570 and a Peavey classic amp, and they both sound very good when playing clean or rhythm.

But if I play a solo, there is absolutely no sustain.
The note just suddenly dies. It sustains for maybe a second, but then it just goes from full volume to 0 in like half of a second. which makes playing solos nearly impossible.

What could be the problem?
hmmm i have the exact setup you do. RG1570-->535Q wah--> Classic 30.
are you sure you aren't muting the strings with something like at the nut? i don't seem to have a sustain problem with mine.

BTW on you're RG1570 and Classic 30

EDIT: or maybe the wiring like ^^^^^what he said
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Maybe your action is too low, and the note is fretting against other frets.
Listen: does it do this when you are unplugged? If so, you know it's not a 'wiring problem.'

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How's the setup? As in action, pickup height etc.
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Silly question but what are the amp settings you're using?

The way I see it is you have three ways to determine what it is, you have to rule out what is causing the problem, the guitar, the lead, or the amp, assuming you are only using a guitar plugged straight into the amp, and only have one lead.

If you have a friend with a guitar or you have access to another guitar, use that with your amp and lead. If you still have no sustain, swap leads, and if that doesnt work, plug your guitar with your lead into another guitar amplifier.

Otherwise, take the guitar to a store and ask them to look at it?
my action is set at about 4 mm and the strings aren't buzzing or anything...

and if i play clean, the note sustains just fine... actually clean sustain is far longer than "dirty" sustain...

the pickups are about 3 mm away from the strings (pressed at the 24th fret)

EDIT: also if i play something like this : ---2-3--- , the notes will kind of fuse together into a very muddy noise...

could I have a defective amp?
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Could it be the strings? I haven't really bothered to change the stock strings
(which are very rusty)