i really want a new tube amp and i was gonna go for one that was around 200$ but decided that if i was going to make a purchase i may as well buy something nice rather than spend extra money by getting a small one then later a larger amp , im looking at the Peavey ValveKing 112 Combo Amp right now.
i like to play metal possibly some heavy metal later , really i play alot of different genre's but if i had to pick one id go with rock and metal , would this be a good amp for me for the price? what would be a better alternative?
check out the wich used amp thread. i just made it, please.
but yah a Crate V-series is another alternative, IMO bettor same price and even bettor when you get one used leves some money for pedals theres a clip in the wich used amp thread.
Make your own , I only suggest this because I really want to make my own. But it'd be awesome

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ok the randal you suggested is an amp 160$ more than the one im talking about , i cant make my own and wouldent really wanna put the time into it , and im not a fan of crate really at all
You settle for less than you want now then have to start saving again. Or have some patience and get what you want. 200 bucks doesnt buy much in the tube amp department. And building your own isnt cheaper than buying one.
Quote by Tackleberry
And building your own isnt cheaper than buying one.

You got that right. I can't believe the cost of some of these kits.
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