iv had my ibanez grg170dxl since christmas and the g-string on it sounds out of tune when it is in tune, what could be the matter with this? iv changed the strings a number of times and had it in the shop god knows how many times to be looked at but no one seems to no whats wrong it with. baring in mind i have very very VERY limited funds i was wondering what i could do to make it sound better?

other thing...
i no i only said ibanez problem in the title but.
if you had the choice and why....
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As for your Ibanez, it sounds like an intonation issue, to me. If you have bad intonation, you can tune the string perfectly when it is open (not fretted), but when you fret it it is out of tune and makes chords sound disgusting. It could be that the intonation on your G string is out. Could be something else entirely, but I'm gonna stick my neck out and say "intonation". Thankfully, intonation is a very minor thing, and easily corrected yourself. If you've never done it before, use online guides to help you.
yeah. it could be an intonation issue. for the les paul, i'd get the epi custom.
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As Martin SCott said sounds like intonation but you would think that if he has taken it in to be looked at it is one of the first things the luthier would have checked for. If you have a digital tuner you can check it really quick by fretting the fifth fret then and seeing if it is in tune and then hit the same note an octave higher. If the ocatve is out of tune then it is intonation.
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As Martin SCott said sounds like intonation but you would think that if he has taken it in to be looked at it is one of the first things the luthier would have checked for.

You would think that. However, he said he took it back to the shop to be looked at, not a luthier. I've had experience with music shops, and a lot of the time, unfortunately the people doing the guitars are absolute monkeys and don't know what the hell they're doing. Only yesterday some kid in the guitar shop was chatting a load of breeze about some guitar I was trying out having actives- when they're where clearly the only type of passive pickups that EMG do.

The staff in music shops sometimes take advantage of inexperienced players by bull****ting them, and because you don't know any better, you believe it. I'd never take my guitar to a shop for a setup.
I believe I know what your problem is. I had the same issue with my guitar. If you take a close look at the string right at the nut and at the bridge, you will probably notice that the string seems quite bent compared to the others. It's difficult to explain, but the string arches a bit, if you will. What string gauge are you using? Maybe thinner strings would solve your problem?
im using guage 9's, i think?
yeah it is, its the guage that came standard in the guitar.

maybe my guitars just a pile o'****?
i HATE my ibanez!
but i have to sort it out cause im starting gigging soon and its the only electric i have!
ive changed the strings numerous times and the problem is still there.
maybe your tuner is broken!?

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