i have an ESP LTD MH-400 with active EMG pickups. when i connect it directly to my PC input, i feel electricity on some parts of my guitar like pickups or volume knob.... how can i solve this problem????
Fix the grounding.
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Dip it in some water, usually does the trick.

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^Of course they do, but usually it is done with a stereo output jack.
TS, make sure.

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Yeah, something isn't grounded properly. Get it fixed or hope to not damage your guitar, computer, or yourself!
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Fix the grounding.

tnx for response, but... how can i fix the grounding?

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check for loose wires

its not exact but this is close enough:

the black wire coming from the jack 2 soldered to the 2 pots is ground
Wow, doing these things is a lil bit complicate for me... is there any easier way for fix the grounding?? this picture is very dirfferent from my guitar setup... is anybody have the LTD mH-400 with the same problem???
cruc1a7, if you can highlight which wire exactly it is that you're talking about visually instead of verbally explaining it to him, I think you would have better luck.

What he is asking you to do is open up your guitar and ensure the wires are securely in place.
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ok, i open up my guitar, and i explain exactly what i see in it:

1. there is a black wire from jack --- to --- battery
2. there is a black wire from jack --- to --- volume knob
3. there is a black wire from vlolume knob --- to --- tone knob
4. and there is a black wire from pickup swich --- to --- volume knob

is anything wrong with this???? what if my pc need to be grounding?
ok guys, i find it... my computer case had static electricity so my cable give that signals from my motherboard ports and push it to my guitar... if you have same problem, you must ground your computer case...