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We'd all love to have our own signature guitar of course. Imagine you'd get one? Well here you'll show your imagination for everyone else! Here's what you do:

1. Create a guitar using one of these:
JFC Custom
RG Builder

Then print screen, click paste in paint, crop the picture and then save as a .jpg.
Then upload here:
Then put the image link in tags!

2. Next, post your specs.

3. Create and ad for the guitar! Imagine it being a guitar catalouge and this being the ad for your new signature guitar!

4. Create more if you want to!

Keep in mind, if you don't do an ad:

This is NOT just a way to show off all your Kisekae guitars, thank you!

Here's mine:

Presenting new from Fender®!
Young Swedish blues prodigy Gabriel de Bourg's "Blues Machine" Stratocaster™. Having worked closely with Fender himself, this model is custom made to his specs. Featuring an Alder body, a 'C'-Shaped, quarter sawn, one-piece Maple neck, with both finished in nitrocellouse, this delivers the classic Stratocaster™ tone. The guitar comes finished in a beautiful Honey Blonde colour and with the gold hardware this creates an absolutely stunning guitar! It comes complete with a set of Lace Sensor™ Golds for a noisefree, classic Stratocaster™ tone. And if that wasn't enough, the guitar also features a mid-boost and a TB-X® tone control! This gives you endless possibilites for tone. Also to add are the locking Schaller™ tuners and strap-locks. This guitar is perfect for those late night jams and smokey bars and clubs. If you are searching for the perfect Stratocaster™ for blues, your search ends here! With endless possibilites, from bright cleans, to thick overdriven leads, this guitar packs it all!

"I couldn't believe it when I played it. This guitar had it all! First you get a great classic Strat tone out of it and then when you crank up the mid-boost, it transforms into a screaming beast! It sounds fatter than any humbucker guitar I've ever played. The guys at Fender really did a wonderful job here!"
- Gabriel de Bourg


Alder body
Honey Blonde (Nitrocellulose Lacquer Finish)
1-Piece Maple neck, “C” Shape (Nitrocellulose Lacquer Finish)
21 frets
42 mm width at nut
25.5" scale length
'50s style headstock
Schaller® Locking Tuning Machines
TB-X Tone circuit
Active Mid-Boost Circuit 0-25dB
Standard 5 way selector switch
Master volume, TB-X master tone, Mid-boost control (0-25dB)
3x Lace Sensor® Gold Pickups

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18watter video demo

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Since the last thread was way to many people not doing ads, I deleted it. Here are some of the best from that thread though!

Quote by JeanMi36

Introducing the all new Fender Telecaster Jean-Michel Signature. Metallic blue and purple burst, maple C-Neck, 22 frets, HSS configuration with a Cobalt lipstick neck pickup, Seymour Duncan high output bridge pickup, with a Fender AlNiCo pro pickup in the middle. The addition of a Bigsby tremolo system adds to the versatility of this instrument.

List price: $3,999.99

Fine art meets music in the Gibson Custom Shop '57 Custom Les Paul Black Beauty Electric Guitar. In 1957, the Les Paul collection entered a new age of sound, featuring a new humbucking pickup that launched the sound heard around the world. Offering tone variations unavailable on any other Les Paul, the '57 Black Beauty is equipped with three BurstBucker pickups to offer a unique palette of vintage sound. Other features include a carved mahogany top and solid mahogany body, a one-piece mahogany neck with 22-fret ebony fingerboard, ABR-1 tune-o-matic bridge with stopbar tailpiece, 24-3/4" scale, 1-11/16" nut width, body/neck/peghead binding, and ebony finish.

(It's basically a Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty )

List Price: $4,799.99

Quote by kool98769
Michael Hawk Signature Stratocaster™
New from Fender's new line of signatures comes Michael Hawk's own Stratocaster™! Custom made to his specifications it comes complete with a beatiful bound, flamed top Alder body in a blue and yellow burst. Complete with a C-shaped, one piece Maple neck with a scalloped fretboard, it delivers a solid package, witha guitar like no other. To add to it are both locking Schaller™ tuners and a Wilkinson™ tremolo, for perfect tuning and intonation. Not only that, but the pickup configuration, complete with a set of DiMarzio™ pickups, with a YJM in the neck position, a HS-2 in the middle position and a Fred in the bridge position, this gives you endless versatility, with everything from smooth jazz cleans to screaming rock leads. This is for the player searching versaility in his playing, with the benefits of a scalloped neck.

"After having tried many different guitars, Fender finally created the one I wanted. the scalloped neck gives me fantastic playing ability and the pickup combinations gives me every tone I want." -Michael Hawk

thanks to gabe for the cheesy text.

Quote by T!AN

Presenting New from Jackson Guitars!!!
The national sensation bedroom rocker Christian Randolph's "Pure Sex" RRT. After months of hushed dealings with custom shop workers, Jackson is proud to present this truly unique Randy Rhoads model. Featuring a mahogany body with a five-piece neck-thru maple neck for both crushing low end and definition in the high end. String thru body construction was choosen to maximize sustain and minimize hassle. The guitar comes finished with a bright snow white finish with custom fragmented blue bevels. All black hardware adorns the guitar to keep your attention on the music. A wide range of tones can easily be pulled from the Seymour Duncan SH-10 Full Shred in the bridge and a Dimarzio Air Norton in the Neck. This guitar will take anything you throw at it and make it rock!

"I've been looking for this guitar so long. My playing goes all over the place, and the guys at Jackson managed to make me a guitar that handles it no problem. Everything I need is in right in my hands. Plus it looks ****in' sexy and who doesn't love that?"
- Christian Randolph

Quote by CanCan
Jackson have worked closely with guitar legend Can to deliver to the fans of the best guitar brand around (official title awarded in 2017 by GuitarPlayer Magazine) a whole line of signature gear, designed by him, for you, the player!

Jackson Can'o King V

Have the very same guitar that started the loving affair between the legend and Jackson! This wonderful Flying V guitar features an Alder body and neck, ebonol fretboard, a string-through bridge for maximum sustain, and mid-gain Jackson pickups designed especially for this model! This is a fantastic entry to Jackson's entry level roster, and the man himself wanted it to be. And it can be yours too, for 399§.

Jackson Custom Shop Can'o Soloist

"This kid walks into the shop, yeh? He hands me one dinged up guitar, really bad, yeh? It was like full of little switches and fruity buttons and ****. Asks me to build one just like it, yeh? He obviously cherished the guitar, the first he ever dared to modify, or so he said. ****, even I liked it! I'm not sure if I ever enjoyed my job as much as that moment, yeh? I invited to kid to build it with me."
The big boys of Jackson have spoken, and the kid now has not only his new guitar, anyone can have it too! With versatility on mind, this alder neckthough Custom Shop Soloist, built by the man himself when off tour and old-timer custom shop worker Santino, features rich alder wings and fretboard, with mother of pearl dot inlays. The twin humbuckers, especially designed and made by the two, feature coil splitting, by activating a push-push (that's correct, btw, I have one of these) pot on the respective volume knob. The guitar also has a master tone knob and a three way blade switch. All the distracting switches and buttons are know located on the side of the guitar. Its position was tested for half a year with various different players. Comes stock with a Schaller Floyd Rose and locking tuners (*feel free to request otherwise via the custom shop). Available in any finish, custom graphics included. Available in 7 strings version.

Quote by 60CycleHum

New from Jackson, the Mike Andritsch Signature Rhoads! Featuring 3 DiMarzio Super Distortion pickups for that screamin' 70s and 80s Rock God tone! Also with Sandoval polka dot V Bowtie inlays, a gloss black finish, and white "vintage style" pinstriping. And a newer feature, a step up from his 80s Jackson Rhoads copy, a recessed Original Floyd Rose tremolo, and locking LSR tuners.

Big Note: The first 10 guitars produced are modeled even more like Mike's "Original Beast" as he christened it, and feature chrome dome Fender Telecaster-style knobs, as opposed to regular production models, which have black knobs.
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Here's more of the ones from that thread

Quote by xcommunicated
I guess it's a cross between a Les Paul and a C-1. It would have been better if I could have modified a Les Paul Double Cut Pro.

Gibson Custom Shop, introducing "Lucy", the new Carl L. Signature Les Paul Custom.

Gibson has worked closely with acclaimed guitarist Carl L. to recreate Carl's very own Lucy guitar. With a carved mahogany body, mahogany neck and a rosewood fingerboard with trapezoid inlays, this axe was made to rock. Featuring a Seymour Duncan JB pickup on bridge, '59 Classic on neck and a five-way switch for coil tapping, this guitar can go from singing cleans to warm fuzz to cutting-edge distortion, made to closely recreate a classic tone from the classic rock, hardcore and indie scene.

Enter Gibson's contest and have a chance at winning a Lucy guitar signed by Carl L. himself together with a Marshall 1962 Reissue Bluesbreaker amp!

Quote by Blompcube
Introducing the Matt Warren 'Power-Strat'.

"Feel the power". This new Stratocaster, built to Matt Warren's specifications, features 3 high output Irongear Jailhouse Rail Humbucking pickups wired in series, master volume/tone controls, with an additional active mid-boost knob, offering a raw, growling tone like no other.

"I modified a cheap strat knockoff like this at first, but this guitar has taken my modifications a few thousand steps further! There's no substitute for a genuine Fender!" - Matt Warren.


Alder body
Maple neck with Rosewood fingerboard, 9.5” Radius
43 mm width at nut
"U" neck profile
25.5" scale length
'70s "CBS" style headstock
Fender®/Schaller® Deluxe Staggered Cast/Sealed Locking Tuning Machines
Fender No-Load pots for volume and tone
Premium 1K push/pull pot for mid-boost
Mid-boost powered by 9v battery
Standard 5 way selector switch
Mid-boost is activated when the push/pull pot is pulled out - amount of boost controlled by the pot itself.
3x Irongear Jailhouse rail mini-humbuckers, wired in series.

Quote by Tomo J O
Heres my attempt if its **** please don't slate it too much.

Tommy O'Brien Signature Stratocaster™

New from Fenders new line of Stratocasters comes Tommy O'Brien's own Signature Stratocaster™! Tommy was dubbed as "Classic rock and blues revival" and Fender have recognized this and gave him his own line of guitars!

Made and based on Tommys very own 60s Stratocaster! This guitar features an Alder body, vintage maple 'C' shape neck with 22 frets and a matching vintage maple headstock, with Fender locking mechine heads for a stabile tuning for the hardest of rockers! The Texas Special pickups give that warm and vintage bite, this gives the player enough depth for a warm bluesy tone or a hard rocking bite!

"At last after trying so many different 50s and 60s style Strats Fender have built me the one that I have longed for! The pickups and Neck are just perfect for comfortable playability and a warm tone."
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^Please, READ the first post!

I deleted the last thread because people jsut ended up doing heaps of Kisekae guitars and no ads or specs! So if you're not doing the ad, DON'T BOTHER
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It's okay Gabel. You kick ass.

18watter video demo

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Fender Custom Shop: Introducing the new WoozCaster

The artists and artisans from the Fender Custom Shop have finally got together with well known guitar player, Woozye, and brought back to life his legendary guitar: the WoozCaster.

"I started off with a very cheap Strat Style copy. It was awful, and one day I thought to myself "I have to upgrade my guitar!". I needed a new one, but, as I couldn't afford it, I started rebuilding mine..."

The guitar features:

- Alder Body
- Black Relic Finish (advanced aging techniques that Fender Custom Shop created bring back to life every scratch)
- Bridge: Official Floyd Rose
- One Piece Maple Neck , Relic Finish to recreate the WoozCaster's original
- 21 Frets
- Reverse Headstock
- Neck Pickup: Seymour Duncan Blackouts Singles AS-1
- Middle Pickup: Non-Functional Classic Stack Plus STK-S4
- Bridge Pickup: Humbucker Dimebucker™ SH-13
- Master Volume Control (Black Knob)
- Neck Pickup Tone Control (Black Knob)
- Non Functional Bridge Pickup Control (Black Knob)
- 5 Way Switch: Position 1 - Neck Pickup
Position 2 - Neck Pickup and Upper Rail of Dimebucker
Position 3 - Neck Pickup and Dimebucker
Position 4 - Dimebucker
Position 5 - Lower Rail of Dimebucker
Pedro (Woozy)
"It plays better than the original!"

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Presenting the JB607

After years of entrusting his playing on our finest RG7s, João Eduardo Braz joined forces with Ibanez to create the JB. This 7 string guitar, loaded with custom Bare Knuckle Pickups and L.R. Baggs piezo system, boasts a highly firgured spalted maple top and a mahogany back, finished with a subtle tri-tone sunburst. The H-S-S pickup configuration is complemented with a 5-way switch coupled with a push/pull volume pot, for complete control over series and parallel connections.

The JB neck, a 5-piece maple/bubinga bolt-on to the body through an All Access Neck Joint, is a new take on our Ultra neck. With a compound radius maple fingerboard and an assymetric neck profile, thinner and slant on the lower side and thicker on the upper side, both chording and soloing become extremely comfortable. Complete with Graphtech nut and Schaller locking tuners, for optimal tuning stability.

DISCLAIMER: The JB607 is subject to complete change of list price, shape, specs and build type without notice.
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^ Awesome!

Quote by Woozye
so we have to say all the specs of the guitar ? i'll just make an ad .. ok ?

Yeah that's fine!
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It's okay Gabel. You kick ass.

18watter video demo

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"The true Soul Of Distortion"

World renowned guitarist Cayle and Jackson guitars have collaborated to create his own signature Rhoads guitar. It is made with a solid alder body, maple fretboard and a 3 piece maple/walnut neck with neck-thru construction. The body has a black gloss finish with gold vintage pinstripes and bevels. The neck features black diamond inlays, jumbo frets, white binding and a slim profile crafted to Cayle's specification. This guitar is equipped with a recessed Original Floyd Rose tremolo, gold Schaller locking tuners and Seymour Duncan's Hot Rodded Humbucker Set. This guitar is truly signifies the Soul of Distortion.
Rhoads Custom Shop Black and Gold.JPG
Ibanez RG321MH (Air Classic/Tone Zone)
Fernandes Telecaster (Twang King/stock bridge pickup)
Blackstar HT-20 (Scumback 55 speaker/ Tung Sol tubes)
TC Electronic Nova Repeater
Lava Cables Clear Connect, Soar and Mini ELC
vintage Metal Axxe have now released the 'Vortex' guitar, a guitar built for Matt based on the Warp. This guitar features an original floyd rose, dimarzio pickups, a volume knob which when pulled out gives a a small boost of gain (pressed in it acts like a normal volume knob), a tone knob and a killswitch in the upper horn - all at a price of £600!

' bored and cant think of a better ad' - matt

"The mind is its own place, and in itself

Can make a Heav'n of Hell, a Hell of Heav'n"

- John Milton, Paradise Lost

Fender® R.C. Signature Custom Telecaster™

This new Tele is flat out ready to rock! When the music calls...Be armed with our new R.C. Signature Custom Telecaster™!


Alder Body
Bolt-On neck
22 large frets
Birdseye maple fretboard and headstock
Reversed headstock shape
25 1/2 Scale length
Black Schaller® locking tuners
Schaller® strap locks
Original Telecaster™ controls
One Seymour Duncan® STK-T1n pickup in the neck position for bright and punchy sound
One Seymour Duncan® Custom R.C. single coil pickup in the bridge position for even more extra twang
Hardshell case included
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The Fender JS Hyper-Strat

After many years at the drawing board, Fender is proud the release the all new Hyper-Strat designed and tested by shred virtuoso Joe Saunders. Whether you aim to keep your neighbours up all night or to put your baby into deep sleep, Fender and Saunders' creation can do it. Not to mention a kick-ass neck!

The musician's choice.

Joe Saunders - "Ive always been a fussy player, and have never been satisfied with my guitars to this day. But Fender have created a different beast. One I can love the f*ck out of, and still play like demon!"
Original Floyd Rose vibrato
24 fret ebony fingerboard
Seymour duncan cool rail in the neck
Dimarzio super distortion in the bridge
Tranparent cream ash finish
24 slim, tall frets
Set neck.
Mother-of-pearl dot inlays
Universal volume and tone controls
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Want the a Tele without the twang? .... Then look no further than the Fender® Brutalcaster™!


Mahogany body
Neckthru body
22 Extra Jumbo frets
Maple neck and fretboard
50's Strat headstock
Grover black tuners
Strat switch w/single volume knob
Original Floyd Rose tremolo
EMG S Active single coil neck pickup for screaming leads
EMG 81 Humbucking Active pickup for tight precise rhythms

(sorry about the crappy cropping, ha.)

Fender® Tony "Fox" M. Signature Stratocaster

After years of playing on regular Stratocasters Tony has worked with Fender® and designed his own custom.


Alder Body
25.5" Scale
Bolt on Neck
22 Jumbo frets
Vintage lacquered maple neck w/ Rosewood Fretboard
Vine of Life inlay
Reverse Headstock
SSS pickup configuration with a DiMarzio® in the bridge
1 Vol. Knob, and 3 Tone, one for each pickup
Deep routed contours for maximum comfort
Special custom neck that retains a "C" shape until it nears the 12th fret which then sharpens into a soft "V"
Fender® Synchronized Tremolo System
Angled headstock to eliminate the need for string trees

I had way too much fun doing this
Jackson is herebye proud to introduce the Jackson Dinky Kevin Signature
After a long trouble of trying guitars Kevin found his love a dinky
this dinky is made after exact specs as his no 1

Neck trough maple neck with Ebony fretboard and sharktooth inlays
Alder bodywings
Seymour Duncan © Jb Humbucker pickup in Bridge position
Seymour duncan© Hotrails in Middle and neck position
Floyd rose tremolo
separete coiltaps for each pickup for loads of tones
1 volume and 3 tone controls
5 Way switch:
1st: Humbucker Only
2nd bridge and middle
3rd Middle
4th middle and neck
5th neck

Now for only 2500 $!

Jackson guitar corp. © is not responsilbe for any damage during shipment of the guitar

The Gibson Sexy Guitar for Sexy People Les Paul Sex Model™

Alder Body
24" Scale
One-piece body
22 Frets
Ebony Neck
LP Custom Inlays
SHS configuration with a P90 in the neck, three customized pickups for maximum treble and low bass.
One tone knob, three volume, one for each pickup, and a killswitch.
Hardtail bridge.

All yours for only $1599! (Yeah right like Gibson would ever sell a good LP for that little...)
"This guitar is so great I got laid the very same day I played it!"
So good, we don't even need to advertise!
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No one dared
Disturb the Sound of Silence
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Squier Affinity Series Stratocaster
Epiphone G-400
Line 6 Spider
Dunlop Crybaby Wah

"Wish I Had This" Gear:
Guitars- G&L, Gibson, PRS
Amps- Egnater, Bogner
Effects- Fulltone, JHS, Eventide

Bigsby B5
Candy Apple Red Ash body
Maple neck
Ebony freboard
Fitertron neck, SCN bridge
21 frets
Chrome everything
Tele bass style hardware layout

This is for the fact that there's no proper good semi/hollowbody style guitar makers that I could find.
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Ibanez® JM Custom RG®


5 pc Ash body, transparent black finish
Maple fingerboard w/ black tree of life inlay
25.5" scale length
Reversed style black transparent Ibanez® headstock
Ibanez Edge Pro® double locking tremolo system
Push-pull pots for coil tapping and high-pass, maintaining that tone all the way down to the lowest volumes!
Standard 5 way selector switch
IBZ USA® F3 bridge humbucker
IBZ USA® C1 middle stacked hum
DiMarzio® PAF Pro neck humbucker
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5 piece Ash /Neck thru Maple body
Maple Neck
White Neck binding
Rosewood Fretboard
Offset inlays
Tung Oil finish body and neck
Edge Pro Bridge
Black Hardware
24 Jumbo Frets
Dimarzio Air Norton (neck) Steve's Special (bridge)
Volume and Tone controls, coil tap
Clear Pickguard

List Price 1,700
Ibanez Jem 777BK, Carvin DC727, Fender MIM Strat
Mesa Boogie DC5
Xotic BB Preamp, Ts9, BBE GS, Boss DD-6
Weber Mass
Morley Bad Horsie 2
Ask me any questions about my gear!
Introducing The New Strat Gold!!!
This amazing guitar was designed by grunge prince CGB. This guitar can deliver anything from smooth creamy tones to screaming feedback. With a relic finish to recreate the wear-and-tear of touring. With mismatching knobs and string trees for the full wear-and-tear experience. This guitar features a Floyd Rose tremolo and a toggle switch, exclusive features for a Standard Strat. Has an HSS setup for roaring bridge sounds. Cheap as instructed by CGB so all of you can rock on.

Ash Body
Gold Sunburst Finish w/ Relic
Gold Jack Plate
HSS Setup
Gold Humbucker
Gold Single Coils
Gold Floyd Rose Setup
Rosewood Fretboard w/ Pearl Inlays
Pearloid Pickgaurd
Gold Locking Tuners

Suggested Retail: $252.99
Our Price: $152.99
You save: $100

Get them while you can, limited stock!!!
Squier Affinity Series Stratocaster
Epiphone G-400
Line 6 Spider
Dunlop Crybaby Wah

"Wish I Had This" Gear:
Guitars- G&L, Gibson, PRS
Amps- Egnater, Bogner
Effects- Fulltone, JHS, Eventide

New from the Fender Artist Series, the Dan Dodge Stratocaster is finished in a relic'd blue, and features top-shelf hardware, including a Wilkinson Tremolo. It features Lace Sensor Red, Blue, and Silver pickups, perfect for any style, from punk to jazz, and mathcore to blues. The Dan Dodge Strat features a 60's profile 22 fret maple neck, with a figured maple fretboard and mother-of-pearl block inlays. The body is heavy Northern Ash, for deep sustain, delivering hot tone for a lifetime.
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Alder Body
Maple Neck
Brown Sunburst Finish w/ Quilted Maple Top
24 Frets
Ebony Fretboard w/ "Tree of Life" Inlay
Grover Tuners
H-S-H Pickup Configuration
SD Pickups
Edge Pro Tremolo

Oh i didnt know you were Steve Vai
Ibanez Jem 777BK, Carvin DC727, Fender MIM Strat
Mesa Boogie DC5
Xotic BB Preamp, Ts9, BBE GS, Boss DD-6
Weber Mass
Morley Bad Horsie 2
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Quote by Gabel
Since the last thread was way to many people not doing ads, I deleted it. Here are some of the best from that thread though!

You obviously forgot the best there was

If you must know, every switch and knob have equally important functions, and all knobs go up to 11.
Not your daddy's Stratocaster

Whether he's hammering out NWOBHM-worthy riffs or his famous melodic leads, nerdy guitarist Sashki has always stayed true to his home-made Stratocaster. Fender Custom shop now recreates the original with all the details, from the unusual Mahogany body to the hardtail Gotoh bridge, from the all-access neck joint to the custom neck profile. This guitar has 22 medium frets and red hot Seymour Duncan pickups. This no-frills rock machine is built for Sashki's brand of heavy yet melodic playing, and delivers a monstrous roar with a lot of punch and articulation.

"Butt-trumpeting-titty-fuck, this is good!"

Mahogany body
Maple neck, 22 fret rosewood fretboard
Duncan Screamin' Demon and Full Shred pickups (not decided yet)
All access neck joint
Hardtail bridge with through-body stringing
1 volume 1 tone
Nevin presents his signature series of cheesy 80's guitars

Ibanez Jem 777BK, Carvin DC727, Fender MIM Strat
Mesa Boogie DC5
Xotic BB Preamp, Ts9, BBE GS, Boss DD-6
Weber Mass
Morley Bad Horsie 2
Ask me any questions about my gear!
This, except 7 strings-


Ash Body, oil and wax finish
Dimarzio Evolution in the bridge, Air Norton 7 in the neck
Standard Fixed bridge, strung thru body
26.5" scale
Maple neck
Ebony fretboard (I think it may be rosewood there though)
Grover Tuners
1 volume, no tone
Killswitch (toggle switch)
5 way p/up switch
Painted F-holes (maybe not though, not sure)

I think thats about it.

Jackson DK3Mt

Alder Body
Maple neck and fretboard
Neck-thru-body construction
25.5" scale
Shark tooth inlay's on a 24 fretboard
Teal Burst paint
Cosmo Ibanez Edge PRO, with Ibanez Backstop
Seymour Duncan TB-5 and SH-10 (Custom, Full Shred)
1 Volume, 1 Tone knob, 3 way selector switch
1 Mini knob to control coil-split (on/off)
1 Mini knob control phase (on/off)
My guitar is special because it's the only SHS one. =P
People writing songs that voices never shared
No one dared
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Introducing from the Gibson® Custom shop!

The 'Inspired By' Allan Sykes "White Lightning" Les Paul Custom.

There was no other player on the Canadian music scene to make an impact quite like Allan Sykes. From his stints in many prominent Canadian bands to his extensive solo career. Although he has played many different guitars in his career, the one guitar that has stuck with him during his run was his vintage Les Paul Custom. The Gibson Custom Shop is proud to introduce a limited run of the elusive "White Lightning" Les Paul™. Having worked closely with Allan Sykes himself, this model is an exact representation of his number one guitar. The guitar features a one piece Mahogany body with a AAAAA maple top, a custom sanded down "Sykes" profile neck, hand-wound Gibson "White Lightning" pickups based on the pickups on his personal guitar and a Tom Murphy aged Alpine White finish. The Allan Sykes Les Paul comes with a Gibson Custom Shop case and COA as well as a personal letter from Allan Sykes. All 100 guitars will be played by Allan Sykes personally.

*limited to 100 models.

"You know, I had just returned from a gig in my hometown and took a train to the Gibson Custom Shop. When I arrived, they had two models for me to try. I remember the luthier asking me to figure out which one was the original. I plugged them in, gave them a go and I was stunned. I couldn't tell which one was mine! I mean, if it surpassed my expectations, I can safely say that not one person will be disappointed with this axe!"

-Allan Sykes


1-piece Mahogany body
AAAAA Maple top
Tom Murphy Aged Alpine White
1-piece Maple neck
Custom "Sykes" neck profile.
22 frets
24.75" scale
Ebony fingerboard
Grover tuners
CTS Bumble Bee pots
3 way toggle
2x tone, 2x volume.
Custom "White Lightning" pickups.
Gibson Custom Shop case.
Gibson Custom Shop care kit.
Gibson Custom Shop COA.
Personal letter from Allan Sykes.

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"Bad guys wear white."

We are pleased to announce releasing death metal, blues, and shred guitarist Domino's new signature guitar, the Ibanez DOM100. " I created this guitar with one idea in mind...versatility. You see that neck pickup? That pickup is nicknamed DEF, for it's crunch and thickness., the middle is BLU, because of the blues tones possible from it, and the neck pickup is SHRD, made for fast, bright solos. ". All of these tones coming from the guitar.. "This Original Floyd Rose never goes out of tune, no matter what. Unless you make it go out of tune ( ie changing the tuning ), then you're **** out of luck. ". Retailing at only $1200 dollars American, look forward to it on shelves soon!


Superstrat HSH Design
Mahogany Body
Maple Neck and Fretboard
Neck-thru-body construction
25.5" scale
"Domino" Dot inlays!
24 Frets
White paint with black binding around neck and body
Oringal Floyd Rose
5 Way selector Switch
Volume and Tone knobs
Seymour Duncan custom DEF(white) ,BLU(black), and SHRD(white) Pickups
Introducing the Gibson SG (Sexy Girl) Limited edition. Although no one has chose to endorse this guitar yet, it will be picked up in a heartbeat due to it's fabulous good looks! The SG's burst has the cutest paint job possible, and the dual humbucker configuration give this Gibson strikingly petite tone. Clay Aiken and Freddy Mercury are both looking to endorse the guitar.

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Introducing another Signature model by the mind that brought you the kind of homo looking SG. This Jackson is the ultimate guitar for any kind of music you play! The 6 single coil sized humbucking pickups are designed for maximum output, and all 6 must be on at once, The guitars pick ups are controlled by a single volume knob, and each pick up is powered by 3 AAA batteries.

Damn I'm bored hahahaa.
As promised.

Jackson Can'o Sheila

Behold, Jackson's first hollowbody! Versatile jazz man Can designed this guitar with sturdiness on his mind, after approaching the recognized brand with yet another jazz box broken, after a long, long night at the club downtown. As the man himself said, this was built to be his last guitar. Mahogany body, alder neck and ebony fretboard, figured with mother of pearl dot inlays. Come stock with Schaller locking tuners and with a black Jackson Custom Shop TOM bridge. This splendid specimen comes with a pair of the new Seymour Duncan P-Rails! (yes, that's what those are supposed to be) With a tap of the 3 way switch dedicated to the pickup in question, you can switch back to back between a clean humbucker, a lovely P90 or a bright single coil. Master tone control and separate volume controls; 3 way pickup selector.

I wanted it to be somewhat bulkier, though. Something between a superstrat and a Dot.

basically its made out of Br00tolz and Epic WInZZZ

swap ash body
maple neck and frets
22 fret neck
locking grover tuners
all gold harware
seymour duncan jb/59
jackson rr3 trans red
washburn x50profe trans black
ibanez sz320ex
jackson js1
crafter 20th

ENGL screamer 50 combo

boss sd-1
maxon od-808
boss ns-2
boss tu-2
ENGL z-5 footswitch
This is the latest and best guitar ever released. It is so awesome, people have been know to die from looking at it.
Cost: Your life
Body and Neck: The souls of little children
Pickups: Anything that sounds like a roundhouse kick to the face
Knobs control how fast you kill anyone around

Yes, men were killed trying to fit Chuck Norris into this guitar.

From those who bought you the TOB Stratocaster... Comes the Telecaster redeifined! Based upon his Modded Squier Vintage Thinline Telecaster, the famous guitar used throughout his time in "Industrial Enemy."

Tommy needed a guitar that could achieve all style sounds, in the Bridge a Little 59' Pickup, in the Middle postion a Hot rail pickup and an Homemade "Blues Buster" open humbucker in the Neck postion. Equip with an bigsby tail Tommy could achieve the wild and wonderful sounds used in his solos during his earlier Enemy work, the Gorgeous two tone sunburst finish and Silver pickguard complete the Vintage punk look.

"Once again Fender have gave my baby a new breath of fresh air, they have completed every mod and more I could ever want to achieve my Punky blues sound with this guitar and that finish is just AMAZING!"
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Introducing the Gibson SG (Sexy Girl) Limited edition. Although no one has chose to endorse this guitar yet, it will be picked up in a heartbeat due to it's fabulous good looks! The SG's burst has the cutest paint job possible, and the dual humbucker configuration give this Gibson strikingly petite tone. Clay Aiken and Freddy Mercury are both looking to endorse the guitar, although neither of them play guitar.

UH freddy plauys gutiar, son
I can't stand watching people waste their money on horrible gear.