I'm looking for a digitech whammy. I know there is a few different types, im looing for the original or one with a harmonizer/ octaver stombox built in. I am also looking for a crybaby. Once again i know there is different types. I would rather a 95 (think thats what they are) but any standard crybaby might do?!

Im only only 13 so i don't have to much money. I will spend about $40 AUD for the digitech whammy and $20 AUD for the crybaby.

I know thats not much but if theres anyone who just wants to get rid of theres or was going to throw it out because they didn't want it. Or would just like to donate a pedal to a junior/ intermediate guitar player.

If anyone is selling or getting rid of theres please post pics and standard specs!

(I am also looking for passive emg's, once again not much, $20 AUD for a pair, HZ, H, 60, 81, 85) thanks
I don't know if you knew this, but the original Digitech Whammy pedals are probably the most sought after effect on the market, and are incredibly expensive.
Hey, I'm Mike.
yer i know but some guy on UG who has one laying around unused or might just want to give one away might see the post