....In a little bit, for an overdrive or distortion for my Classic 30.

Just somthing to get a bit more gain from it for some heavier rock and metal tones.

No real price limit but im going to be limited to whats commonly available in shops and such so some boutique stuff may be out the window...

Im planning on trying:

MI Audio Crunch Box
Fulltone OCD
Blackstar HT Dist (Im pretty sure one place im going stocks these =D)

Any other suggestions, or opinions on these ^ ^

Dean Hardtail Select
Dean ML Platinum,
Tanglewood Odyssey Acoustic.

Peavey Classic 30

Other Stuff I Use:
Boss ME-50
Blackstar HT-Distx

since youre open to some boutique options take a look at the lovedal eternity. or maybe a maxon od9 would suit you for tightening up and adding some more crunch to your sound.