I've used it. I really like it, I bought it to maintain my strings. if you put it on every time you're finished playing guitar it will extend the life of your strings big time. It will also give your fingers less resistance allowing them to slide smoothly over the strings.
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I use it on my strat, it's a brilliant product

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I do occasionally use fast-fret. It's great, gives a feeling like the strings are almost brand new again, but it doesnt last very long.
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I have and it works nicely, i just don't like the greasy feel on my fingers.

it means you don't wipe it clean enough. you're not supposed to leave any residue.
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Fast Fret is teh shizz. It was vital when I still used nickel strings, as it made them last twice as long. It removes finger grease and dust from the strings with ease. However, necrophilic is right - you should remove all residue after cleaning. My only complaint about FF is that sometimes the paper covering the stick gets shredded by the strings and let behind, but now I use stainless steel strings, I don't need to use it as much.
Still, FF is capable of reviving strings that you would otehrwise have to throw away. I bought a second-hand Cort with awful strings on it, ran FF over it and was able to play. For what it is, and the price, highly recommended. Even works as a fretboard cleaner/polish.

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i have this http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/GHS-FastFret-String-Cleaner?sku=420451

and yes it makes your fingers slide faster on the strings plus it cleans them and makes them sound brighter

I use that too. It's amazing...
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I use FF. It was reccommended to me by a friend who's been a guitar player for over 20 yrs. I do agree though, that it's annoying when they fluff/paper comes off & you gotta pick it out from the strings. It makes your fretboard nice & clean though.. & (in my novice-stated opinion) the stings sound brighter & feel smoother for chord changes.
I use it, but for one reason only, I need to make my strings last longer, as it gets quite expensive changing strings every week or every few days...

Before I put a new string on, I apply to the entire length of the string FF with a cloth and the FF itself, sort of pinch the two together with the string runing through the middle... My strings life increase alot because it helps dirt not to stick, but doesn't stop oxidation, just slows the process down, and helps them stay brighter for longer.

Bit expensive for what it is though.
I bought it once. It seemed to work for cleaning the strings but don't be sucked into the trap of - makes you play faster - as it doesn't in my opinion.

Good - Cleans the strings, brighter sounds, makes them generally last longer. It also is good for the fingerboard.

Bad - Makes the strings feel greasy, The stick goes fluffy which leaves crap all on your finger board and on your strings.

To be honest, you would get as much practicallity out of it as you would with a regular yellow duster - which is also about £4.50 cheaper.
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It does make you play faster, in fact - when I first applied them I slided from 000 to 999 (EBG strings) because of the communication breakdown solo, right, and I ended up somewhere around the 12th fret because there was so much less resistance. You should take care though not to apply any pressure on the strings with the FF stick, just have it touch the strings so lightly it almost doesnt touch them; the string will then 'suck up' just as much as it needs and there won't be any annoying residue. So you won't need the cloth in the first place.

It's great stuff, I always take it to people who have guitars and I amaze them by improving their guitars/basses in like three seconds. ^^

edit: but I don't know why they call it FastFret because it doesnt have anything to do with your frets.
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One of the best things I learned from my guitar teacher was to use Finger Ease and to wipe down your strings after you play. Finger Ease is nice because a quick spray and its on. It does not feel greasy at all in my experience.

I always have several cans stocked up
But can you put in on the back of your neck to make your move around faster and easier?
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But can you put in on the back of your neck to make your move around faster and easier?

You COULD, but I wouldn't recommend it - I really disliked the feel of FF on my Ibanez versus thr normal neck finish, and it took me ages to get rid of it.

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Some prefer the slippery feel,and it does make your playing faster but it doesn't last long. IMO,it's pretty good but the lint from the cloth is pretty annoying though.
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