Of those songs, Mechanic Hippie is probably the most reflective of their Early Symphonic Black kind of sound. Tears Have no Name being more reminiscent of their later Industrial/Electronic material. Sadly theres nothing on there from their debut which i'm listening to right now (The Dynamic Gallery of Thoughts). But a band I hope at least a few of you will have heard of/will look in to.

There is an existing thread, but thats 5 posts mostly consisting of Morby questioning their sexuality and referring to them as Pseudo-Metal. Gotta love him. Plus it's spelt totally wrong.

Discuss/Discover/Enjoy etc.
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Wow... Great find here Dyer. I really like it. Its deffinetely like Early Symph BM but mixed with electronica and stuff like that.

I like it a lot. the intro to Tears Have No Name is permanently stuck in my head.

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Reminds of the 80's music. Until they start singing and playing guitar.

I'm cheap and will only listen to them on myspace.com but they are definitely worth another listen. It reminds of the first time I heard "what is love", just a down right cool feeling.

Like I feel like hitting something. Possibly it's from anger...Possibly it's from the music. It seems about even right now.
AMGOD was awesome. I enjoyed The Symmetry of I, the Circle of O, but the Havoc Unit material isnt good
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