hi my laney lc15 got an high and low input for the guitar. The manual says that high is for low output pickups and low for high output pickup...

now..my problem is, my guitar has medium output humbuckers(tele deluxe 72 ri)...

anyone knows in which hole I should put my guitar?
Use the high input, you'd use the "low" one for actives.
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Its the same with a marshall jcm800
It doesn't matter what you put them in, people like zakk wylde has actives and puts it in the high input for more gain really

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put them in whichever sounds the best - i have the same amp with low to medium output pickups and i put the guitar in low - i even put my strat in low. high is too brittle sounding for me.
IIRC, if your sound gets a bit muddy with the high input, use the low input.
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ok thanks man, I guess I mess with it some more

That's your answer. Play around with them, and see which you like better. That's all that matters.
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