hey all,

i've just joined to upload a couple of tabs. the first was fine 'Victor Wooten 41 Solo' but then the second 'Red Hot Chili Peppers Live at Taratta' was rejected.

can anyone tell me why?

dont know the reason , anyone who has uploaded 3 tabs can approve or reject a tab
post it here so i can telkl you.
if it was fine maybe there were enough tabs of this song
there weren't any tabs lol

it was rejected before it was uploaded, while it was processing....?
the thing is i wrote it up on ultimate-guitar, so i don't have a saved copy. there any way i can get it back?

look around a bit before making new threads. there was a thread about submitting tabs at the very top of the index in this forum when you posted yours. if you had read it, you would know where to go for help.

read the first post in this thread: WTF? Where is my tab?!?!

your questions might be answered by reading. if not, read through the thread and see if somebody else asked the same question(s) you have. the answer you need might already have been given.

after reading, if you still have questions, post in that thread and ask.
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