The thing I have a big problem with in this song is the damned intro.. how should I play it with down and upstrokes (song by Paul Gilbert)?

Should I play like:

down down up down down up

And so on.. or should I do all with down down down?
The scales pieces are easy but the riff itself beats me down..
OK, I started learning the song yesterday and got the first like 50 bars down.. it's just the intro part with the riffs that I tend to get lost at sometimes. :P
I found accenting the notes on the 5th string helped for the 1st part of the riff; notice how they use a different stroke every time.
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Except that It should be accenting notes on the 4th string

D'OH, you're right. I was thinking the palm-muted notes were played on the 6th for some reason.
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When my guitar teacher taught me, He played up down down up down down. I couldn't really get that, so I do all downs. I can't really get up to speed with all downs though.
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General rule: all of Paul Gilbert's fast picking is straight alternate picking.

Most of his legato patterns use weird picking, though that's usually just to make it easier to use outside picking, rather than economy picking.
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Its ALL alternate picking. The intro is probably the easiest part of the song

alt pickin' ftw
It is possible to alt pick everything in the intro. It is also possible to pick it every way imaginable, it just depends on how you want it to sound. I alternate pick it, but a friend of mine who prefers a chunkier sound downpicks it all the way.
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I alternate pick the 16th notes, and econ pick the triplets. Then the crazy triplet section comes in, and I just sell my guitar on ebay cuz... I can't really do that. But i'm getting there...