looking for a lead guitarist.
we are currently a three piece and would like to add a lead guitarist (who can also play rhythm when necessary) so as to add another melodic element to our music. we all have pro gear (ampeg svt tube stack, dw collectors series drums, hughes and ketttner/mesa/marshall amps/cabs, esp guitars, fender basses, etc)
we are all very ambitious and do not have back up plans so please leave yours at home. we are all in our early 20's so we are looking for someone between 19-25, we will make exceptions for someone if they are a little older and a good fit.
you must also have pro-gear, have ambition and a great work ethic and be willing to tour pretty much from the get go. we have plans to record soon and have most of that figured out. we currently have a practice space in barrington and should be moving it to dover very soon. so please have your own transportation. no excuses or drama please

influences include: anti-flag, boysetsfire, rise against, the unseen, thursday (a bit), amen, marilyn manson, afi, etc.

shoot me an email at andrewcx@gmail.com if interested.