The title pretty much sez it all so..
Kindly help me!
I have to decide
Epiphone Les paul
Epiphone SG special

I kinda just started and all..
So maybe ya'll could suggest a good marshall amp to get for myself?

save up and get a epi g-400 you won't regret as an amp get a roland cube

DO NOT get a marshall MG
SG's are lighter and the necks are slightly nicer to play, les pauls sound better

but yer, save up an get either a g-400 or a les paul standard or custom

and don't get a marshall MG try one of the lower end AVT ones instead
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You could just get a little 10w MG, just don't go higher that the 15w one. There's absolutly nothing wrong with having a MG for a practise amp.

And get the Les Paul.
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don't get a marshall. the ones your looking at in your price range suck (assuming your buying epiphone stuff). get a roland cube, or a vox valvetronix.

and DON'T get an SG Special. Save up for a g-400. its sooooo much better.
but les pauls and sg's are very different. play both before you buy
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i personally hate SG's, so i would go with the les paul. But that is just me.

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G to a good guitar shop and play them both. Its your choice after all...
Er..... I think i'll go with the g400..
but actually my price range is 500 to 1500
Around there anyway..
any suggestions to get the best sound fitting that price range?
Wait, how well does the Singapore currency compare to US or UK? That'll give us a good idea of what you're working with.
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Get the epi g-400 and a roland cube.
I did and its freaking sweet.
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Wires and patch cords and stuff..
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Wait, how well does the Singapore currency compare to US or UK? That'll give us a good idea of what you're working with.

My currency is worth less then US or UK i guess..
Not sure about the exchange rate..
1. which epi LP, there's like 6 of them.
2. how much is 500 - 1500 in U.S.?
3. GET THE GUITAR THAT FEELS MOST COMFORTABLE TO YOU!!! YOU are the one playing it! YOU need to be the most comfortable with it! it doesn't matter that everyone else hates it! as long as YOU like it thaen get it!
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save up, and get a better one.
say, the g-400 or an actual gibson.

also, for an amp id recommend the roland cube in a heartbeat. never let me down. ever.