k completly noob question cause ive never had a valve amp before.

i have a solid state as well atm and the sound i get from that i love but its not reliable and has no real power behind it so i upgraded to a laney vc 50 and want to recreate my old sound on this amp and want to know if i can plug my distortion pedal into the clean channel to achieve a similar sound to before.
is anything going to go majorly wrong?

post up any do's and dont's too if you know any please.

no i want to know if i can run my distortion pedal through the clean channel
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The drive channel on the VC50 will sound much better than a distortion pedal through the clean channel.

What pedal is it?

Well of course, it depends completely on the pedal, some cheap Digitech distortion won't sound as near as good as the gain on your amp. You might want to use an OD through the gain channel for heavier sounds.
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no i want to know if i can run my distortion pedal through the clean channel

sure, no problem at all.

what would also be worth a try is running the pedal over the overdrive channel (with the gain turned down a lot) to see how that sounds too.
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I would throw away the distortion pedal and play with the amp's own gain. Abandon your old amp and pedal. Come back to it after a month of playing solely with the VC50, and realise what you were doing wrong.
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