i want to tune my guitar 1/2 step down
but how to do that

can we use gp5

ty so mush
What's GP5?
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why would guitar pro help?
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Quote by iron_maiden93
why would guitar pro help?

I dont see how guitar pro is needed either; power tab software should be adequate or just a tuner or pair of ears.

And as long as your guitar is in tune atm then just tune one string at a time (i usually start from the high e) using the 4th fret rule with the exception of B which has to be tuned to B flat using the 3rd fret on the G string. It gets quicker and easier with practise

i hope that answers ur question and u didnt mean somethin more complicated
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guitar pro has a built in tuner!
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Ok, that sounds like a good enough reason

still its not hard to do it by ear without spending any money, just as long as your confident its tuned ryt to begin with
Did you know that 37% of all statistics are made up on the spot?