Right now i have the older version of this
which is just plain terrible, but i'm not looking to go bigger, just better quality
This is my choice atm, but i'm open to suggestions, this will be used with a flying v i havn't decided on yet, for melodic death metal, metalcore, and black metal occasionally.
it has like 13 effects and sounds great from what i hear from reviews and youtube
the DA5 is a pretty good amp, but if you have the money I would go for one of the slightly more powerful models, maybe the AD15VT
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Id go with either an AD15VT, or maybe try out the XL model. Roland Cube series amps are good too, so maybe a micro cube or a 15w Cube.
problem is...i don't really have that much, i'm probably getting it used on ebay for under $100,
its just going to sit in my bedroom and be used with headphones the majority of the time, so i think the DA5 has enough watts.
The VOX looks like it's got quite a bit of stuff for the price! If you aren't planning on using it for anything other than practise at home it should do just fine. I paid close to that for my 15W Traynor with 2 channels but it only has reverb so the trade off of a few watts for effects is not bad!
Moving on.....
The DA 5 is probably your best choice.
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