i know plenty theory and i can "play" classical songs and stuff but a more advanced player pointed out to me that im not interpreting the songs correctly...i have no idea of what he said and i cannot afford a teacher lol

what interpreting a song means ?

tks in advance for any help =D
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Well, that would be playing the song your own way, giving it the personal feel and sound. Without that a song will be very mechanical and wouldn't get to the heart of a listener
Find good points to use vibrato, slow the tempo slightly for emphasis. Put some spirit into your playing instead of playing it like a casette tape. Casettes. Do they still exist?
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This is a favourite, inexhaustible and to a great extend senseless discussion among classical buffs; how should this or that piece correctly be interpretated....
Interpretating is something different than following the instructions given by the composer. It is extending beyond that, and boils down to what people think the composer really ment when writing a certain piece or passage, and then particularly what he didn't write down. Because no one can look inside the composers head, and many of them are dead for even hundreds of years so we can't ask them, a lot comes from historians and other scholars. The best thing to do is look up what they are saying and for what reasons. Chances are good that they came up with usefull information. In many other cases they were most probably wrong. While the original partitures remain the same, the interpretation of pieces changes over time, following fashion and trends like any other art.
Now the guy who said you are wrong should point out why he thinks so. He makes a claim so the burden of proof is on him. If he can't present sound arguments, and both of you are following the partiture, it's just his opinion against yours. If you like your way better, stick with it.
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Well if it's off sheet music it's how your not playing the notes exactly to the beats shown on the music, it's harder for tabs thus so. And ask the 'advanced player' what your doing wrong and fix it, if the problem he diagnosed was his own bias opinion of himself ignore it, use your own judgment in your musical playing style.