I'm very big on DiY stuff. I love doing my own mods to my computers and my other various hobbies that can involve modding.

Now, I want to get a Wah pedal, and change my pickups and guitar guts around and stuff, but alas I have no clue how to solder!

Now, I know the stuff you need in order to solder, the iron, soldering material (the stuff you use to 'glue', I don't know the proper term for it), possibly different tips for the iron, desoldering stuff, the works.

Now what my 'issue' is is that I have nothing really to practice one. Is there some kind of...basic stage of soldering? Cause i keep hearing "if you can solder do it yourself, but if you can't take it to a tech!" Well, those techs had to learns omewhere, and so did people who can solder, and where do they learn?

I'm thinking of just taking my chances and getting my kit (GuitarFetish, yeaaaaah.) and attempting to replace my guitar guts and Pups on my own, but being incredibly careful.

Is there anything I should know really? Tips, tricks? Is there like a basic thing to do to get started?

Sorry about the long post.

tl;dr: Soldering. How? Tips? Tricks? Basic learning stuff?
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first off, when looking for the solder itself get "rosin core electrical solder". its simple to do really. you heat up the ends of the surfaces to be soldered with the iron, then touch the solder to the heated surfaces.
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Alrighty well that basically summed everything i wanted to know up. Haha. Now to create a couple more threads asking how to do the actual mods...Thanks guys
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well, a wah is probably the easiest to modify. switch the big, ulgly black inductor with a fasel. just unsolder the stock inductor. when it is revoved, there will be four slots. put in your new fasel (red or yellow). set it in so the circle's face is 'looking' st the side of the pedal. you can find some more detailed examples with picture on the interweb.