So I walked by my table and from the corner of my eye I see the newspaper so I deicide to check it out. I look at it and I see one of the most stupid headlines I've ever seen.It reads:

"Who wears short shorts....No Worries you should- They're in style again."

I was just like wtf then i lol.

So what does the headline say on your newspaper today or what are some funny ones that you've seen.
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Q: OK, so do you care about the labels — nastiest, edgiest team in the NFL?

Jim Schwartz: It's better than the alternative — meekest, least aggressive, softest team in the NFL.

OH ****. That means there will be more disturbing things than the guitarist from Chiodos in his short shorts,doesn't it?
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this, YEAH!!
'Hundreds wrongly titled criminals by CRB'
"Loathe metaphors. Pander to undereducated masses. Get doctorate, have a real conversation" Mordin Solus
Eklat bei der Ausstellung in Berlin - Wachs-Hitler Kopf abgerissen

Täter schrie:
,,Nie wieder Krieg!"
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Tokio Hotel is probably the worst thing Germany has produced since WW2.

Well... I don't get a newspaper on Saturday.
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THANK YOU!!! i love you Snyde_Platypus!!!

I explained "lulz" =D
"police arrests 5 and fines 66 people in action against driving under influence of alcohol in sao paulo"
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