This may be a bit of a stupid question. But I'm terrible at tabbing out songs, I can't play by ear for shit. Since alot of music I listen to is hard to find (Firewind, Moonorrow, Ensiferum, ect...) I was wondering if there is a program anywhere that lets you import your MP3 files and gives you a general notation. Seems unlikley, but any help would be greatly appreciated.
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dude just keep practicing by ear. we all suck at first but u get better. now thats all i do except when i really cant find out wtf the guitarist is doing

ive tried to plug the song into a tuner, it worked with extremely clear and undistorted sounds...and i know firewind and im sure it wont work lol

im not very good getting things out by ear but i try to get the first note or chord and try to figure out whats next tru some theory...not as hard as it sounds
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best way to be better at it is to practice find easy songs like the start of knights of cydonia and just hum it and match the pitch to the fret on the guitar
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you could just get something to slow songs down I think it can make tabbing fast stuff easier, but seriously just keep playing, eventually you can recognize intervals really well and it will make tabbing a lot easier.