Today I just realized that on the:
E string, the 12th fret buzz. But when I go to the 13th fret, the buzz is gone.
Similar thing occured on the G string on the 14th fret buzz.

I only realize this today because there are only little soft buzzing when I sustain on that certain note.

So what I thought here is that the frets are uneven?

I googled some ways to level frets. For the most parts, I don't understand them.

Each time I use sandpaper to level the frets, I need to do crowning is it?
What is crowning?
Or can I just sand off the frets and continue to restring it and play it?
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I second that. If your bass has been fine before I'd think there must be some defect of some kind. Maybe it's a fret coming loose; maybe your guitar is just craving for some overdue maintainance. See someone who knows how to aim when shooting trouble.
Oh I see. Is it necessary to dress/crown the frets after leveling them? Thanks for the fast reply.
Hmm. Oh I see. Haha. Looks like I got to bare with a little buzz for now.
I missed what Marcel said.

Ya, I checked and knocked the frets back. They don't seem to move or make any difference though. I'll just send my bass to the clinic I guess.
Are your strings old? If so get a new set.
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Is there such a thing as a heavy riff with out chugging on the e string?
Nope they are only 2 months old.

Oops, I tried to adjust the truss rods myself. Ended up worse. Now I really have to send my bass to a technician. :P
Is your neck warped/bowed?
Mine is (I havent tried adjusting the truss rod yet) and it buzzes on the 9th fret with E if I slap or finger pick too hard. Its only that fret aswell.
If you look at the angle of where your string is along the fretboard, when you press on the 12th fret, it could be that the string is half touching the 14 fret or something.

Just read your last post. woops.
Either way, I duuno! lol
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quit being so paranoid.

2 months? yeah I'm almost positive all you needed to do is get a fresh set of strings. Some brands lose their elasticity faster than others.
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Is there such a thing as a heavy riff with out chugging on the e string?
Oh ya. I use D'Addario strings. The B string is not tight. So I played around with the tension on the neck.
I think I need a new set of strings though.
However, I sent my bass for a little setup. The neck was a little wavy; I don't know. Haha. I am new to this and I really regretted touching the truss rods.

Yea, weird only two frets buzz. But I still don't like it. Can't live with it.
Hope after the setup everything's ok.
sometimes fret buzz can b caused by having your action to low or to much tone??

just an idea